MZP-in MSSSB chairman thlak rawt

Mizoram Subordinate Services Selection Board (MSSSB) hna lak thin danah lungawiloin Mizo Zirlai Pawl chuan Board chairman thlak turin sawrkarah a ngen dawn.

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MZP Gen. Hqrs thuchhuak chuan MSSSB-in MZP ngenna ngaipawimawh loa tunhnaia hna a lakah hnamdang an tling fo chu hriatthiam har a tih thu sawiin, 2023 January chhung ngeia MSSSB chairman thlak tura sawrkar ngen a tum tih a sawi. ‘Mizo zirlai leh hna zawng mekte tana him tur MSSSB dan (Recruitment Rules) siam a nih theih na’na hma lak a, MZP ngenna a hlawhtlin loh chuan MSSSB titawp tura hma lak nise,’ a ti.

MZP chuan sawrkar thar awm turah hnamdang minister an awm loh na’n hma lak a, political party tinte ngen a tum tih a sawi a. MZP ngenna in awmzia a neih loh chuan na taka nawr nise, a ti.

Mizoram sawrkar hna lak, LDC chin hnuailamah computer thiamna, Course on Computer Concepts (CCC) chu pawm a nih theih nan MZP chuan hma lak a tum tih a sawi bawk.

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