Naupang kaihhnawih thil thleng thehdarh danah fimkhur ang – MSCPCR

Naupang telna thil thleng media lama thehdarh kawngah a thehdarhtute leh mipui lam pawh fimkhur turin Mizoram State Commission for Protection of Child Rights chuan a ngen.
Mizoram State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (MSCPCR) chuan tunhnaia court-in pawngsualtu hremna a pek chungchangah social media-ah a tuartu naupang nihna chhuichhuah theihna tura thu thehdarh a ni, tih leh; matric exam result nghawng avanga naupang kumtlingloin a nunna a lak thu leh naupang hming leh khua medi- ah tarlan a ni, tiin, naupang harsatna tawkte nihna chhuichhuah theihna tura mipui vantlang hmaa thehdarh a ni chu pawi a tih thu a sawi.
Harsatna tawk naupangte emaw dan nena inremloa che naupangte nihna mipui tana chhuichhuah theih tura an hming, veng, khua, thlalak, zirna in leh naupang nihna chhuichhuah theihna’na mite pui theitu dang tarlangtute chu Section 23 of The Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012 leh Section 74 of the Juvenile Justice Act 2015 hmanga hrem theih an ni tih MSCPCR hian sawiin, ‘Hetianga ti an awm leh a nih chuan dan angin hma kan la dawn a. Naupangte dikna chanvo humhim kawngah media mi leh sate bakah mipui thawhho pui turin kan sawm a ni,’ a ti.

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