Ngaihdam dil turin Manipur sawrkar phut

Zofate chunga a chet dan avangin Manipur sawrkar chu ngaihdam dil turin an phut tih PC Thalai chuan an sawi.
PC Thalai Hqrs. thuchhuak chuan, Manipur sawrkarin Zohnahthlakte chenna leilung dan loa hnehchhuh sak tuma tharum hmanga a beihna chu engtikawng maha hriatthiam chi ah an ngai lo tih a sawi.
‘Hetianga rawva taka kan unaute chunga hleilentu, Manipur sawrkar hian Zofate chungah thupha chawiin, a rang thei ang bera ngaihdam dil turin Manipur sawrkar kan phut a ni,’ a ti.

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