NGO-in BSF Mizo Bn din leh AR sawnchhuah Union HM an sawipui

NGO-in BSF Mizo Bn din leh AR
sawnchhuah Union HM an sawipui
Mizoram tlawhtu Union Home minister Amit Shah hnenah NGO Coordination Committee chuan ramri veng turin BSF Mizo Battalion din a lo intiam tawhna tihlawhtling tur leh Aizawl laili atanga Assam Rifles sawnchhuah an lo sawipui.
Central YMA, MHIP, MUP, MZP leh MSU telna NGO Coordination Committee hian Inrinni khan Raj Bhavan-ah Union Home minister hi hmu in, kum 2018-a amah Amit Shah ngeiin Mizoram a rawn tlawh tuma ramri veng tura Mizo BSF Battalion din tura a lo intiam tawh chu a hlawhtlinna hmuh an inbeisei thu leh bawhzui thuai a nih theihna’na hma la turin an ngen.
Aizawl atanga Assam Rifles sawnchhuah an nih tur thu sawi a nih avangin NGO Coordination Committee chuan lawmthu hrilhin, a rang thei ang bera sawnchhuah an duh thu an thlen a. Union Home minister hian thla hnih/ thum chhunga sawrkar nena inremna anga an chhuah tur thu a sawi.
Mizoram thenawm Myanmar leh Bangladesh atanga Zohnahthlak raltlante chungchang pawh an sawi a, a theih ang anga tanpui turin sawrkar laipui an ngen ngen a ni.
NGO Coordination bakah Muanna Veng Farming Cooperative Society Ltd leh Mizoram State Level Cooperative Societies Coordination Committee ten Union Home minister hi an hmu a. Lai, Mara leh Chakma hruaitute nen inkawm lehin, an thil ngaihpawimawh zualte an sawipui a, ngenna lehkha an thehlut.
Mizoram Underground Returnees Association, Cricket Association of Mizoram, Aizawl Mosque Committee leh Champhai District Import Export & Transport Union te chuan ziakin mamawh an lo thlen bawk.

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