NPS leh APY-a inziak lut an pung zual zel ti

National Pension Scheme (NPS) leh Atal Pension Yojana (APY) a inziak lut chu 23 per cent-a pungin 6.24 crore lai March 4 thleng khan an inziak lut tawh tiin Finance Ministry chuan a tarlang.
APY subscriber ah punna 28 per cent niin customer 1 crore chuang an awm tawh a. NPS hnuaia total pension assets under management (AUM) leh APY chu March 4, 2023 thleng khan 23.45% a pungin Rs 8.82 lakh crore a ni tawh bawk.
“March 4, 2023 thlengin National Pension System (NPS) a subscriber punna pawh 22.88% niin 508.47 lakh atangin 634.81 lakh-in an pun belh a” tiin ministry chuan a tarlang bawk a. Nikum March 31 thleng khan NPS subscriber chu March 31, 2022 thleng khan 5.20 crore a tling a.
Subscriber 6.2 crore atanga 23.86 lakh leh 60.72 lakh te chu central leh state sorkar employee te an ni a. Corporate subscriber chu 16.63 lakh an awm thung a.
APY subscriber chu 28.4 per cent ah pungin March 4, 2023 thleng khan 4.53 crore an awm bawk a.
APY hi sorkar chuan June 1, 2015 atanga a kalpui tan kha niin worker te hnena social security petu a bik takin unorganised sector ami te an ni a. He scheme subscriber te hian minimum guaranteed pension Rs 1,000 atanga Rs 5,000 thla tin kum 60 an pelh hnuah an contribution milin an dawng thei dawn a ni. Mahse, October 1, 2022 atang khan income taxpayers te chuan APY hi an hman ve phalsak an ni ta lo thung.
National Pension System (NPS) bi hi chu organised sector te tan ni deuh bikin sorkar hnathawk centre leh state te tan a ni deuh bik a, APY erawh hi chu hnathawk tawh phawt a bik takin unorganised sector ami te a huam thung.

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