Omomi Khiangte a comeback video

Mizo Idol atanga kan hmelhriat, rimawi khawvela hmingchher tawh, Omomi Khiangte chu zirna leh thildang avanga a thawm a reh vang vang hnuah a hla thar ‘Ka hre reng ang’ tih music video nen a rawn inlan leh ta.
He hla hi Vena Pachuau lehlin niin, rimawi khawvela kan hmelhriat tawh sa zaithiam pahnih Sangteii Khawlhring leh Lalremruata Fanai ten backing vocals-ah an pui bawk. A music video hi MDM Library-ah dah tawhin, zanin dar 8 hian MDM YouTube channel-ah pawh en theihin an dah dawn bawk e.

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