Oscar nomination-a vawi khat lanna te

A vawi khat nan kumin Oscar nomination-a lang an awm nual a, chung zingah chuan Rihanna, Ana de Armas, Austin Butler leh Jamie Lee Curtis te pawh an tel.

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Rihanna hi Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack’Lift Me Up’ avangin original song-ah nominate a ni a, Golden Globes-ah pawh he category-ah tho hian nominate a lo ni tawh bawk.

Ana de Armas hi ‘Blonde’ film a channa avangin best actress-ah nominate a ni a, he category-ah hian first-timer ve bawk To Leslie changtunu Andrea Riseborough leh Everything Everywhare All at Once changtunu Michelle Yeoh bakah Cate Blanchett leh Michelle Williams te nen an awm ho.

‘Elvis’ biopic-a Elvis Presley lema chang Austin Butler cu best actor-ah nominate a ni a, Oscar nomination-a a vawi khat lanna niin, ani hi award dawng thei tura rinkai a ni nghe nghe. The Whale changtupa Brendan Fraser pawh a vawi khat nan he category-ah hian nominate a ni a, he category-a nominate midang- Aftersun changtupa Paul Mescal leh Living changtupa Bill Nighy te pawh he category nomination-a an lan vawi khatna vek a ni.

Everything Everywhere All at Once changtute Jamie Lee Curtis leh Staphenie Hsu te chu best supporting actress-ah nominate a ni a, Oscar nomination-a an vawi khat lanna niin, he film avang bawk hian Ke Huy Quan chuan best supporting actor-ah nomination a nei a, ani pawh Oscar-a a vawi khat lanna a ni.

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