Pathaan-in vbc 700 lalut tawh

Shah Rukh Khan channa Pathaan film chuan ni 9 cinema hall-a an chhuah hnuah, cinema hall ticket hralhna atangin khawvel huapin cheng vaibelchhe 700 a lalut tling tawh a, tun weekend a ral leh meuh chuan cheng vaibelchhe 800 a lalut tling thei ngei dawnin a lang.

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He film hian opening day-ah cheng vaibelchhe 57 lalut theiin, Hindi film zingah opening day-a sum lalut hnem ber record a ni a, chutah opening weekend a ral meuh chuan khawvel huapin cheng vaibelchhe 500 a lalut tling der tawh a, hei pawh hi Hindi film bikah chuan record thar a ni.

Pathaan hi lemchan lama Shah Rukh Khan rawn comeback lehna a ni a, 2018-a ‘Zero’ film an tihchhuah hnuah a channa film dang hmuh tur a awm ta lo a, kum 4 zenzawn a chawlh hnuah tunah a rawn kir leh ta a, a boruak pawh a lian nghal hle a ni. A rawn comeback thawm hi a na bawk a, a channa dang kumin an la tihchhuah leh tur ‘Jawan’ leh ‘Dunki’ te pawhin ngaihven a hlawh nghal hle a ni.

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