Piang leh thi chhinchhiah dan felfai zawk neihna tur sawiho

Piang leh thi chhinchhiah dan
felfai zawk neihna tur sawiho
District Level Coordination Committee (DLCC) on Civil Registration System Aizawl chu Thawhtanni khan an chairman, bawrhsap Dr Lalhriatzuali Ralte hoin an thukhawm.
Birth record-ah ‘nameless entry’ a awm belh tawh loh na’na hma lakna sawiin, Registration of Birth & Death Act leh Rules hian nau hming nei loa register a phal a, chuvangin nameless record hi a tam thin tih sawi a ni. Nameless hi damdawi in atangin a nih deuh ber avangin, hospital lam hian birth report form-ah nu leh pate phone number ziak zel tura beisei an ni.
Thutkhawmah hian kum 2022-a births & deaths data entry chungchanga Aizawl district dinhmun thlirho niin, electoral roll-a thun diltute date of birth proof atan digitized birth certificate chauh pawmsak tura rawtna te, HSLC examination form fill up laiin a diltute date of birth proof atan Birth Certificate hmang tura nasa lehzuala kalpui te a ni. Heng bakah hian Aizawl DLCC member atan additional district registrar (AMC) telh tura rawtna leh births and deaths events 100% register tura tan lak a ngaih thu te sawi a ni.

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