Mizoram tan inenkawlna bungrua pe

Mizoram tan inenkawlna bungrua pe
Project-Mizoram (Humanitarian Aids Medical Equipment & Supplies) USA atanga medical supply hrang hrang Mizo Students’ Union kaltlanga Mizoramin a dawn chu Thawhtanni khan MSU hian chief minister Pu Zoramthanga hnenah a tul leh tangkai anga hman turin an hlan.
Chief minister chuan MSU hmalakna leh Project Mizoram inpekna fakawm a tih thu a sawi a. Mipui tan leh a mamawh berte tan a tangkai thei ang bera hman a nih tur thu a sawi.
Inenkawlna bungraw hlante chu: hydraulic bed 1, face shield box 10, ballard adapter box 4, wraps & pouches box 2, medical cup box 1, isolation gowns 150, scrub pants 40, disposable lab coat 82, surgical gown 14, OT sheet box 2, N95 mask parcel 26.
Project-Mizoram (Humanitarian Aids Medical Equipment & Supplies) atang hian inenkawlna bungraw supply thawh hnihna an rawn thawn leh mek a, tunah hian India ram a rawn pan mek niin MSU hruaitute hian chief minister an hrilh a ni.

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