Plastic bawlhhlawh chhar hnatlang

June 5-a World Environment Day thleng tur denchhenin plastic hnawm chharfaia hnatlang neih chhunzawm zel a ni.
Mizoram Pollution Control Board staff-te leh Govt KM Higher Secondary School zirlaite chuan Zirtawpni zing khan plastic bawlhhlawh chharin an hnatlang a. Lunglei leh Mamitah zingkarah District Education Office office huaihawtin zirlaiten World Environment Day denchhenin rally an nei a, rally-a tel zirlaiten environment tichhe lo tur leh humhim turin thu an tiam a ni.
Champhaiah pawh District Education Office huaihawtin Zirtawpni khan primary atanga higher secondary school-a Eco Club member thlanbik school paruk amite chuan Champhai khawpui thianfaiin an hnatlang a. Hnatlanga an chhuah hma hian polythene leh plastic-te hmang tawh lo turin an intiam a ni.

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