PM Modi thlavang hauh na hle

BBC tena kum 2002 Gujarat riot denchhena Prime Minister Narendra Modi documentary an tihchhuah chuan India ‘phiarrukna’ a ni tiin Goa Governor P.S. Sreedharan Pillai chuan January 26 khan a sawi.
“Prime Minister character tihchhiat tumna” tia sawiin ram beihna, hmuhsitna leh a chhiatna duhna tiin Governor chuan Panaji bul lawka Republic Day parade neihnaah a sawi.
Ministry of External Affairs chuan he documentary “India: The Modi Question” tih hi ‘propaganda piece’ tia sawiselin leh colonial mindset lanna tiin a sawi.

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Governor Pillai chuan he documentary tum hi thil tha lo a ni tia sawiin chutihrual erawh chuan ‘India thian tha ber zinga mi ni tawh Britain a sawisel tihna a ni lo’ a ti thung.

Khua leh tui pangngai te chuan character assasination an tawnin court an kalpui thei a. Mahse, PM, President, Vice-President leh Minister te chuan public prosecuror ten an ai an awh a ngai a ti bawk a. “Hei vang tak hian Prime Minister laka character assasination kalpui hi ram beihna, hmuhsitna leh a chhiatna duhna tluk a ni a. Hei vang tak hian BBC te documentary hi tha lo ka ti a ni,” tiin a sawi.

Governor chuan British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) chu independent organisation a ni lo a ti bawk a. “British Parliament a insawifiah theih a ni a. British sorkar ka dem tihna a ni lova mahse India phiarrukna emaw a awm a ni,” tiin a sawi.

Pillai chuan he thil thleng mek hi sawi zui vak a duh loh thu sawiin mahse PM Modi ‘G20 group head a nih hnuah’, ‘one world, one family, one future’ a awm theih nan hma a la zui nghal a. India chuan inchhawka president nihn a chelh mek a ni.

A hnuah reporter-te hnenah Governor chuan system of law kan hman mek hnuaiah Prime Minister laka character assasination kalpui chu he ram sovereignty beihna tluk a ni a ti bawk a.

He case-ah pawh hian PM Modi ‘beih’ tih chu Indian judiciary chona a ni nghal a. Indian Judiciary hi khawvelah pawh a tha ber a ni a. Gujarat riot case pawh an enfiah vek hnuah PM nen inzawmna nei lo an lo ti tawh a ni, tiin a sawi bawk.

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