Pro Volleyball ham tur referee pangate bihchinna

Pro Volleyball ham tur referee pangate bihchinna
Mizoram Volleyball Asso-ciation (MVA) chuan TATA SK 712 Pro Volleyball League dik leh fel fai taka kalpui a duh a, inkhel thunun turin national leh state referee panga a thlang chhuak.
Inrinni khan Mizoram vo-lleyball inelna sang bera referee turin hmeichhia pahnih leh mipa pathum thlan a nih thu a puang a, ‘match referee’ hi league hlawhtlinna pawimawh tak a ni, a ti.
June 2 khian R Dengthuama Indoor Stadium, Mualpuiah Pro Volleyball vawi rukna tan a ni dawn a; mipa leh hmeichhia team ruk ve ve telin inkhel 36 (mipa 18, hmeichhia 18) a awm dawn a ni.
National referee H Lal-nuntluangi, Khatla South chuan All India Rural Sports Festival 2006-ah tawn hriat nei tawhin Pro Volleyball a ham tawh bawk a; state referee Lalrinmawii, Mamit Vengthar chuan Mini National Championship 2018-a tawn hriat a nei tawh.
Mipa state referee pathum zingah Lalmuanpuia, Hlimen chuan Pro Volleyball-ah hnuhma tam tak nei tawhin Mini National 2018-ah a ham tawh a; Malsawmkima Tochhawng, Sihphir leh Jimmy Lalbiakdika Chhangte, Kulikawn ten Pro Volleyball inkhel an ham vawi khatna tur ve ve a ni.
Inrinni khan technical committee-in referee clinic uluk takin an neihpui nghal a, rilru leh taksa inpeiha dik leh tha taka inkhel thunun ngei tura inbuatsaih a pawimawhzia an sawi.
Tata SK 712 Pro Volleyball League 2023

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Match Referee turte :

1. H Lalnuntluangi, Khatla South

Designation: National Volleyball Referee
Year of Passing State Referee : 2005
Duty Exprience : All India Rural Sports Festival 2006, PVL 2022 , Inter Br. YM, Inter VC, Inter District, etc.

2. Lalrimawii, Vengthar Mamit

Designation: State Referee
Year of Passing State Referee :2017
Duty Experience : Inter Br.YMA 2022, Mini National Volleyball Championship 2018, Inter District 2023, etc.

3. Lalmuanpuia, Hlimen

Designation : State Referee
Year of Passing Srate Referee: 2017
Duty Experience : Pro Volleyball 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022, Mini National 2018, Inter Br. YMA, Inter Village, etc.

4. Malsawmkima Tochhawng,

Designation: State Referee.
Year of Passing State Referee : 2012
Previous Duty: PVL 2023, Inter Br.YMA 2022, Inter District 2022, etc.

5. Jimmy Lalbiakdika Chhangte, Kulikawn

Designation: State Referee, MVA Certified Coach
Year of passing State Referee : 2019
Previous duty: Mizoram State Games 2019, Inter District Volleybal Championship 2022, etc.R&J turin Chennai an pan ve bawk ang.

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