Raducanu a tla leh tawh

Raducanu a tla leh tawh
US Open-ah a champion nawlh hnuin British tleitawl Emma Raducanu a che fuh zui thei lova, Miami Open first round-ah Bianca Andreescu hneh lovin Raducanu hi a tla leh ringawt tawh.
Miami Open first round ah tleirawlte ni chunga US Open champion ni thei pahnih; Bianca Andreescu leh Emma Raducanu te an inhmachhawn a. British hmeichhe No.1 Raducanu hian set khat bak a la thei lova, a khingpui lakah hian 3-6, 6-3, 2-6 in a tlawm a, hma a sawn hleithei lo.
Miami Open-ah a tlawm leh tak vangin Raducanu hi ranking lamah pawh a tlahniam duai duai zel a. A thlen san lai berin World no. 20 ni ve zuai mah se tunah chuan No. 72 a ni leh daih tawh. Hmasawn turin insiamthat mamawh viau mahse hliamin a tihbuai ngun vangin Raducanu hian hma a sawn hleithei rih lo.

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