Robula Chess Trophy

Mizoram Chess Association (MCA) buatsaihin February 8-10, 2023 chhung hian Ramhlun Indoor Sta-dium, Aizawlah MCA rating tournament ngaihhlut hlawh kum-khua 43rd Robula Chess Trophy khelh a ni dawn a, MCA chuan Mizoram chhunga chess khelthiamte tel vek turin a sawm.

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Entry fee
Tel tur tan AICF registration hi manda-tory a ni. AICF regis-tration la nei lo emaw active lo emaw chuan AICF website-ah on-line hmangin an in-register/renew tur a ni ang a, a hrana entry fee pek erawh a ngai lo a; active AICF regis-tration nei tan entry fee hi Rs. 200 per player a ni thung ang.

Naupang, kum 17 chin hnuailam he cham-pionship khel tur chuan a chunga sawi ang hian AICF registration hi an nei ngei tur a ni a, ti thar tan entry fee hran a ngai lo ang a, active lai tan erawh Rs. 50 per player a ni thung ang.
Entry fee hi Fe-bruary ni 6, 2023 (Thawhtanni) thleng a pek theih a, MCA Office, Room No. 501, 5th Floor, Aijal Club-ah 10:00 am – 4:00 pm chhungin pek theih reng a ni.

AICF registration fel tawh sa, entry fee gpay hmanga pe duh tan MCA joint secretary Lalruatsanga (Ph. No 9436196647)-ah a pek theih a, pek fel hnuah detail – hming, address leh phone number (whatsapp)chu he’ng a hnuaia official number tarlanahte hian thawn tur a ni – 98623 74198 / 9612298305.

AICF registration la nei lo tan AICF website – atangin tihfel mai theih a ni a, online registration thiam lo, harsatna nei chuan 96122 98305 or 9862374198-a te hian zawhchian tur a ni.
Kumin tournament-ah hian lawmman pawisa fai Rs. 1,19,700 semral a ni ang.

Open category

1st Prize – Trophy + Rs. 25,000
2nd Position – Rs. 15,000
3rd Position – Rs. 10,000
4th Position – Rs. 7,000
5th Position – Rs. 5,000
6th – 10th Position – Rs. 3,000 each
11th – 20th Position – Rs. 1,500 each
21st – 30th Position – “Rs. 700 each

Special Prize

Youngest Participation – Rs. 500
Most senior – Rs. 500
Best unrated – Rs. 500
Best dressed – Rs. 500

Under – 17 & 15

1st Prize – Trophy + Rs. 1,500 each
2nd Position – Rs. 1,000 each
3rd Position – Rs. 700 each
Best Girls – Rs. 500 each

Under – 13, 11, 9 & 7

1st Prize – Trophy + Rs. 1,000 each
2nd Position – Rs. 700 each
3rd Position – Rs. 500 each
Best Girls – Rs. 500 each

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