Rublev kutah Monte Carlo Masters title

Rublev kutah Monte Carlo Masters title
Andrey Rublev chuan Pathianni Monte Carlo Masters final-ah 5-7 6-2 7-5-in rawlthar Holger Rune a hneh a, a career-a a vawikhatna atan Masters 1000 title a hlawhchhuak. Tunhma lamin Masters 1000 final vawihnih a lo khel tawh a, a chak lo zawkah tang ve vein, Monte Carlo lamah a hlawhtling ve ta nge nge a ni.
Denmark rawlthar kum 19 mi Rublev hi deciding set-ah 4-1-in a hnufual hman zet a, a tawpah a career-a ATP title 13-na a hmin zui ta tho a ni.
Russian world num-ber six Rublev chuan hnehna a chan hnuah sawo tur ber pawh a hriat loh thu leh a talbuai laih hnua hnehna a chang leh thei ropui a tih thu hahipin a sawi.
Tarlan tak angin, Russian star Rublev hi kum 2021 khan Monte Carlo leh Cincinnati lama Masters 1000 final-ah a tlawm ve ve a, te-nnis tournament level sangah champion no mawi a chawi ve ta a ni.

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