Russia-in most wanted list-ah Nadya Tolokonnikova a telh

Pussy Riot punk group member Nadya Tolokonnikova chu Russian thuneitu ten suahsual rawngbawltua ngaih man an duh zual, most wanted list-ah an telh thar.
Russia atanga tihchhuah Madiazona chuan Russian Interior Ministry database atangin ‘wanted’ list-ah Nadya hi a tel tih an hmuchhuak niin March ni 29 khan an tarlang a, The Associated Press pawhin Nadya Tolokonnikova hian criminal charge a nei niin an tarlang ve bawk a, eng engtiang chiahin nge an ‘charge’ tih erawh an tarlang lo.
Nadya Tolokonnikova hi 2012-a Pusy Riot-in Moscow-a Christ the Savior Cathedral-a lungawi lohna an lantirnaah khan telin, thuneitu ten an man a, kum hnih dawn jail-ah a tang zui ta nghe nghe a ni.
Nadya hian Russia a chhuahsan tawh a, 2021 khan Russian chuan ‘foreign agent’ angin an sawi zui ta a ni. Kar kalta khan Pussy Riot hi 2023 Woody Guthrie Prize dawng tura puan an ni.

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