Sairep VCP hnenah award

Swachh Sujal Shakti Samman (SSSS 2023) chu Thawhtanni khan New Delhi-ah hman a ni a. India rama hmeichhiate zinga faina, tuihna humhalh leh water supply system enkawlnaa thawk thate chawimawina atana buatsaih niin, India ram pum atangin Water Warrior Award mi paruk hnenah hlan an ni.
Mizoram atangin Lunglei district Sairep VCP HS Lalawmpuii chuan India President atangin he chawimawina hi a dawng a. Water warrior Award hi National Water Mission hnuaia Jal Shakti Abhiyan hnuaia pek a ni.
PHED-in Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) project a kalpui atangin Sairep hian chhungkaw tin kawtkaiah tui connection an neih phah a. Sairep VCP term hnihna chelh mek HS Lalawmpuii hian tuihna humhalh kawnga a thawhhlawk avangte, ruahtui khawl that kawnga an khaw tana a thawhhlawk avang leh, lui leh tuihna dang hmunhma vawnfai kawnga hma a lak that avangte in “Water Warrior” award hi a dawng a. Award a dawn theihna’n hian PHED leh NEIDA chuan buaipuiin, sawrkar laipuiah award pek turin an rawt a ni.
JJM hnuaiah hian PHED chuan implementation support agency (ISA) atan NEIDA thawhpuiin, NEIDA hian Sairep khua telin Mizoram khaw 100 a enkawl mek a, tuihna tihpun leh humhalh, ruahtui khawl, tui tihthianghlim leh water supply enkawl zui kawngah hma a lakpui a ni.

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