Sakhaw zalenna chawisangtu Congress tho chhuak mek – MPCC

Sakhaw zalenna chawisangtu party Congress chu India ramah a tho chhuak leh mek tih MPCC chuan an sawi.
MPCC thuchhuak chuan, Karnataka state inthlanah BJP sawrkar hneh taka paihthlak a ni chu India ramah Congress party a tho leh mek tih lantirtu a ni, tiin, Karnataka inthlanpuia Congress party-in hnehna a chan theih chhan chu India rama sakhaw zalenna duhtu mipui tam takin Congress party-ah beiseina thar an neih mek vang a ni tih a sawi.
‘Karnataka inthlan result hi, central-ah Congress party tluchhe mek leh tho leh tur awm tawh lo ang hiala sawi thintu MNF leh ZPM party hotute thusawiin belhchian a dawl loh zia lantirtu a ni,’ a ti.
Mizoramah pawh Pu Lalsawta kaihhruai Congress party-in hmasawn lam pan zelin CADC inthlanah beiseina sang lo tak karah seat-4 a chang thei tih a sawi a. Central-a rorel lai BJP leh Mizorama rorel mek MNF ten sum leh pai tam tak nena thapui an thawh chunga Congress candidate 4 an tling thei chu hmasawnna nasa tak a ni tih a sawi.

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