Sawrkar inrelbawlnaa mipui telna tur – MyGOV Mizoram inhrilhfiah

MyGOV Mizoram chungchang ngaihtuahin chief secretary Dr Renu Sharma leh sawrkar department hotute chu Thawhtanni khan an thukhawm.
MyGOV platform chu tha taka kalpui a nih theihna’n chief secretary chuan deparment hrang hrangte thawhpuina tha a ngen tih a sawi a. MyGOV platform-in a tum ber chu mipui hnena sawrkar hnuhhnaih a ni a, sawrkarin thutlukna a siam turah mipui an tel ve a, mipuiin sawrkar an khalhngil theihna tur pawimawh tak a ni, tiin, “He thil hi sawrkar inrelbawlnaah mipuiin chanvo pawimawh tak an neih theihna tur a ni. Sawrkar deparment hrang hrangte hmalaknaah mipui nghawng thei thilah mipui ngaihdan leh duhdan lak a ni anga, chu chuan sawrkar thutlukna tha, ram leh hnam hmasawnna dik a thleng anga, mipui sawrkar dik tak a thlen thei dawn a ni,” a ti.
MyGOV platform hi sawrkar laipui chuan 2014 July 26 khan a lo hmang tan tawh a, tunah hian state 21-in an hmang tawh a, Mizoramah pawh hman a ni. MyGOV platform hi National Informatics Centre siam niin, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) department chu state nodal agency a ni.
MyGOV Mizoram hnuaiah hian department hrang hrangin nodal officer an lo ruat anga, nodal officer-te hi ICT deparment-in training a pe dawn a ni.

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