Union HM lokal turah inpuahchah

March thla tawpa Union Home minister Amit Shah-in Aizawl a tlawh turah inpuahchahin Thawhlehni khan chief secretary Dr Renu Sharma hoin sawrkar hotute an thukhawm.
Ruahman lawk dan chuan Union Home minister hian Zokhawsanga Assam Rifles Complex a hawn bakah Aizawl Sipai Lammual sira Laldenga Cultural Centre sak tur lungphum a phum ang.
Chief secretry hoa thutkhawmah hian Zokhawsanga Assam Rifles Complex satu contractor – Engineering Projects (India) Limited chuan report pe in, an hnathawh hrang hrang component 13 an zawh vek thu leh quarters thenkhat Assam Rifles hnena hlan chhawn tura an pek tawh, Assam Rifles lamin an lakchhawn theih rih loh chiah mutan an neih thu an sawi a. Assam Rifles aiawha telte leh state sawrkar official-te nen sawiho a nih hnuin, vawiin – March 15 hian a hmunah a huhoa endik tum a ni. Hemi hmuna Union Home minister hoa official function neihna tur hmunhma pawh enfel nghal tum a ni.
Aizawl Sipai Lammual hmar lama Laldenga Cultural Centre sak tura ruahman mek chu Aizawl Smart City Project hotuten powerpoint hmangin an sawifiah a, cheng nuai 193 senga sak tura tih niin, metre 75x 90 a zau a ni ang.

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