September 30 ah Rs 2,000 luhkim beisei

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Shaktikanta Das chuan May 22 khan Rs 2,000 rupee note tinte chu hunbi tiam September 30 ah an hnenah a luhkim vek a beisei thu a sawi.
Currency denomination sang ber tihtawp tur sawi a nih hnua a tum khat nan Das chuan thutlukna an siam chhan chu currency management kaihhnawih thil a ni a ti a.
Rs 2,000 currency note chu legal tender a la ni reng dawn tiin Das chuan a sawi a.
Indian currency management system chu a tha a, exchange rate pawh a ngelnghet a, Ukraine indona leh Khawthlang rama bank ten harsatna an tawk chungin a ngelnghet reng a ni, tiin Das chuan a sawi bawk.
Rs 2,000 note tihtawp zui turin economy a nghawng chu a lian tham dawn lo tia sawiin Rs 2,000 currency note chu total currency circulation atanga chhutin 10.8% chauh a ni a ti bawk.
Rs 2,000 note siam a nihna chhan chu kum 2016 demonetisation hunlaia currency lama tlakchhamna awm hnawhkhan nana tih a ni a ti a.
Rs 2,000 note te chu a la kawl mekte chuan bank account-ah an deposit thei anga emaw, currency note hniam zawk nen an thleng thei ang a ti a, bank te pawh chung thila customer te buaipui tura hriattir an nih thu a sawi bawk a.
“September 30-ah chuan exchequer ah Rs 2,000 note te a luh hman vek tawh kan beisei,” tiin a sawi a. “System-ah note print sa mamawh tawk kan nei a, RBI mai ni lo bank chest tinah mamawh tawk a awm a. Engmah hlauhthawn tur a awm lo va, kan ngah lawk sa a ni,” tiin a sawi bawk.

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