Sing 5 bak pelh belh kan tum – CM

SEDP tanpuina cheng sing nga chu hlawhtlinpui thamah an ngai loa, pek belh zel an tum tih chief minister chuan a sawi.

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Assembly Session-a zawhna chhangin Planning & Programme Implementation changtu chief minister Zoramthanga chuan tun dinhmunah Family Oriented SEDP (Phase 1) chhungkaw (beneficiary) 60000 pek turah chhungkaw 59996 hnenah 1st instalment sem a ni tawh a, chhungkaw 4 (li) la pek lohte hi tourist guide trade thlang, Tourism department-in training a buatsaih laia training ve hman lo te niin, training hi buatsaih leh thuai beisei a ni tih a sawi.
SEDP inkaihhruaina in a sawi angin a dawngtute hi Rs. 50000 zel dawng tur, instalment hniha sem tur a ni a; 1st instalment ah Rs. 25000 theuh sem an ni tawh tih a sawi.

Planning & Programme Implementation department-in SEDP kalpui dan tur a duanah – “SEDP tanpuina chu hlawhtlinpui tham ngei turin kalpui a ni ang,” tih tarlan a nih angin, Rs. 25000 emaw Rs 50000 emaw hi a dawngtuten an hlawhtlinpui tham tura sawrkarin a ngaih vanga pe a ni em, tih zawhna chhangin chief minister chuan, Rs. 25000 hi hlawhtlinpui tham a ni loa, hei hi chu sawrkar kum khat chhunga pek tur chanve chauh a ni a, 1st instalment chauh a nih angin hlawhtlinpui nghal tham a ni lo tih a sawi. Sawrkar kum kal mekah 2nd instalment Rs. 25000 dang pek an ni leh dawn, tiin, “Chu pawh chu hlawhtlinpui thamah kan ngai loa, pek belh zel kan tum a ni,” a ti.

SEDP Phase-II ami tur sum sanction fel leh vek a ni tawh tih sawiin, tuna phase-I a pek tawh engemawzat pek belh an tum bakah mithar sing engemawzat an pe leh dawn tih a sawi bawk.

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