State Day hmang dawn

Februay 20 (Thawhtanni) hian Mizoram State Day hman a ni dawn a, Aizawlah chuan Vanapa Hall-ah hman a ni ang.
Hemi chungchanga inbuatsaihna kalpui dan thlirin Nilaini khan General Administration Department commissioner & secretary K.Lalthawmmawia hoin sawrkar department hrang hrangte an thukhawm a. Department chanvo leh mawhphurhna neihte sawi ho a ni.
Mizoram State Day puala inkhawmah hi chief minister-in a hmanpui dawn a. State sawrkar hnuaia secretariat hnathawkte – under secretary chin chunglam, directorate-a thawk deputy diretor chin chunglam leh Mizoram Police senior grade chin chunglam te chu tel tura hriattir an ni. State Day lawmna inkhawmah hian NGO leh kohhran hrang hrangte pawh tel tura sawm an ni dawn a ni.


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