Thisen unit 483 pe

Thisen unit 483 pe
Inrinni khan pawl hrang hrangten a thlawna hman turin thisen unit 483 an pe.
Civil Hospital Aizawlah Adventist Youth Federation (AYF) in Global Youth Day pualin unit 147 an pe a; Thinghlun Welfare Aizawl-in unit 12, TKP Aizawl Central Bial-in unit 46, PYD Mizoram-in unit 121 an pe. Synod Hospital Durtlangah KTP Khatla South Branch-in an Ruby Jubilee pualin unit 40 an pe a. ZMC Blood Bank tan YMA Aibawk Branch-in unit 69 an pe.
Serchhip Disrict Hospital-ah AYF Serchhip Bialin Global Youth Day pualin unit 8; Kolasib District Hospital-ah AYF Kolasib Bialin Global Youth Day pualin unit 25 an pe. KTP Champhai Vengthar Branch-in Champhai District Hospital tan unit 15 an pe bawk.

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