Tourism-ah state budget pawn atangin nuai sing chuang hmu

Tourism-ah state budget pawn
atangin nuai sing chuang hmu
Mizoram Tourism department chuan kum kal mekah state budget pawnlam atangin hmasawnna hna thawhna atan cheng nuai sing khat chuang an hmu tih Tourism minister Robert Romawia Royte chuan a sawi.
Beraw tlang a Tourist Home Annexe a hawnnaah Tourism minister chuan an department-in Mizoram Annual Plan 2022- 2023 a a sum chan chu cheng nuai 1000 chauh a nih laiin, Mizoram budget pawnlam atangin nuai 10000 chuang hmasawnna hna engemawzat thawhna’n an hmu tih a sawi a. Department-a thawktute an tam lo na in hmasawnna sum an thawk chhuak tam a, fak loh theih an ni lo tih a sawi. Tunhnaiah tourism sector-ah hmasawnna hmuh tur a tam hle tih a sawi bawk.
Building tha tak, khum 36 awmna Tourism department-in Berawtlang Tourist Resort-a a neih belh chuan mikhual thlen kawnga harsatna tawh thin thui tak a sukiang dawn tih a sawi a. Ministry of Tourism sum, nuai 252.26 hmangin Mizoram PWD-in a buliding chin a sa a, furniture leh bungraw dang chu Tourism department-in nuai 36.29 in a siam ve thung tih a sawi. Infrastucture development atan building bakah a furniture leh furnishing thlenga plan thin a tul tih a sawi a ni.
“Tun kum 4 chhung khan tourism hmasawnna atana pawimawh – Mizoram Responsible Tourism Policy 2020, Acts, Rules, Regulations leh guidelines tul zawng zawng siamfel a ni a, tlawhchhan nghet tak nen Mizoram tourism-in hmasawnna kawng a zawh thei tawh a ni,” Robert Romawia Royte hian a ti.
Tourism industry chu mi zawng zawng telna leh tanrual ngaihna a nih avangin, sawrkar leh department chu Mizoram mipuiin tanpui thin turin a sawm a ni.

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