Tourism thawhchhuah nuai 305 a chiang lo Lodge outsource zingah revenue nei lo 9

Tourism thawhchhuah nuai 305 a chiang lo
Lodge outsource zingah revenue nei lo 9
Mizoram Tourism department chuan cheng nuai 305 thawk chhuak angin a insawi a, hei hi kum khat chhunga a thawh chhuah nge, kum thum chhunga a thawh chhuah tih a chiang lo.
Tourism department-in RTI Act hnuaia zawhna a chhan danin, tourism sum hmuhna hnar ber chu district hrang hranga tourist lodge, highway restaurant leh wayside restaurant te niin, kum thum (2019- 2022) chhunga heng a\anga sum hmuh belhkhawm chu Rs. 3,05,69,379 a ni, a ti.
Hetih lai hian, 2023 January 20-a Tourism minister hova tourism hmalakna thlirletnaah, kum 2019-2020-ah state GDP a\anga 3.81% chu Mizoram tourism-in a tum (contribute) ve a; kum 2020- 2021 khan state GDP-ah 3.41% a chhunglut bawk, tiin report a ni.
Heng sum hmuhna hi engte nge ni a, 3.81% leh 3.41% hlutzawng hi cheng engzat nge, tia RTI zawhna chu, 3.81% hlutzawng chu Rs. 3,05,69,379 tia chhan a ni a; kum khat chhung (2019- 2020) leh kum thum chhung (2019- 2022) sum thawhchhuahte hi a inzat chiah a ni.
Kum 2020- 2021 chhunga thawhchhuah 3.41% chu Rs. 38,38,753 tia chhan a ni bawk a; Covid vangin hemi kum hian sum hmuh a tlem a ni, tiin RTI zawhna chhan a ni. A hma kum nena thawhchhuah inthlauhna hi Rs. 2,67,30,626 a ni a; heti chung hian state GDP-a contribution chu 3.41% anga tarlan a ni. A hma kuma percentage (3.81%) nen a inthlauh vak loh laiin a sumfai chuan cheng nuai 267-in a inthlau thung.
Hetih lai hian tourist lodge outsource hi 31 awmin, heng zinga 9 chuan kum thum (2019- 2022) chhungin revenue an chhunglut lo a. Mizoramah tourist lodge hrang hrang 71 a awm tih a nih laiin, Luangmual Tourist Lodge chu list-ah a tel lo a, chutih laiin 2019-2022 chhunga revenue hmuhna list-ah erawh telin, kum thum chhungin Rs 4,50,000 a thawk chhuah nia tarlan a ni.
Kum 2019- 2020 khan Mizorama khualzin lo lut zat chu nuai 1.61 tih a ni a; heng zingah hian domestic tourist 1,59,534 niin, foreign tourist chu 2,143 an ni a. Foreign tourist-te hi USA (67), UK (60), Germany (43), Japan (26), Canada (9), France (6), Australia (6) leh others (1926) a ni.

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Outsource 31 zinga revenue chhunglut lote

1. Viewing Gallery Tlangnuam
2. Tourist Lodge Thingsulthliah
3. Tourist Lodge Sialsuk
4. SIHM Boys& Girls Hostel
5. Tourist Home Zonuam
6. Tourist Lodge Aizawk
7. Tourist Lodge Rajiv Nagar
8. Tourist Lodge Saichho
9. Prayer Hall Theiriat

2019-2022 chhunga thawkchhuak tam leh tlem 5

1. Chaltlang T/L – Rs 91,12,330
2. Berawtlang T/C – Rs 25,50,750
3. Thenzawl T/L – Rs 20,59,300
4. Champhai T/L – Rs.19,02,610
5. Serchhip T/L – Rs 16,97,740

1. Niawhtlang T/L – Rs 500
2. Bualpui NG T/L – Rs 1500
3. Chakheitla T/L – Rs 2000
4. Maubawk T/L – Rs 2500
5. Vawmbuk T/L – Rs 7900

Kum 3 chhunga thawkchhuak lo
1. Saichho T/L – 0
2. Pangzawl T/L – 0
3. Phura T/L – 0

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