UCC hman nghal tumna awm lo

Union Minister of Law & Justice Kiren Rijiju chuan Uniform Civil Code chu la zirchian phawt tur a nih thu leh hman nghal tumna a awm loh thu in Parliament zawhna a chhang.

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Parliament Session-a Rajya Sabha member K Vanlalvena chuan sawrkar laipui hian Uniform Civil Code Bill pass tumna a nei em, nei ta se MNF leh India inremna thuthlung avanga siam India Constitution article 371(G) a nghawng buai thei angem, pass tum ni ta se India rama hnam hrang hrangte hnam dan – customary law hi UCC hian a palzut angem tih te a zawt a ni.

Union Law & Justice minister-in ziaka a chhan danin, India sawrkar chuan 21st Law Commission of India hnenah Uniform Civil Code-in a nghawng theih tur thil chi hrang hrang zirchiang a, chumi zulzuia rawtna siam turin ngenna a thlen tawh thu te, Law Commission hotute hian 21st Law Commission of India term chu 2018 August 31-a a tawp tawh thu leh 22nd Law Commission-in a la ngaihtuah zawk tur nia a lan thuin an rawn chhang a. Hei vang hian tun dinhmunah UCC hman tumna engmah a awm lo, tiin a chhang.

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