Whip vawi khat vai a bati 42 alh lai tihlumin record siam

Chinese whip vai thiam Wang Chuanfei chuan a whip vawi khat vai-ah bati alh lai 42 a vai tihlumin Guinness World Record a siam. Wang hian bati 42 in chhi lai chu a bati-a vai tlu miah si loin, tum khat vaiah a alh a tihlum vek thei a ni a, ‘vawi khat whip vai a bati alh lai tihlum hnem thei ber’ record a siam ta a ni.
Bati hmanga Guinness World Record siam hi an awm nual tawh a, nikum November kan martial artist Antony Kelly chuan a kuttum ringawt hmangin vawi khat hnek-ah bati 37 alh lai a hnek hlum thei a, Yue Haichuan, Shandong, China-a a cheng pawhin minute khatah a nunchaku hmangin bati alh lai 82 a vai hlum theia, Indian Anurada I Mandal pawhin a sam tawn kak hmangin minute khatah bati alh lai 26 a vai hlum thei a, record a siam tawh bawk.

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