Zirlaite hnenah career awareness

Zirlaite hnenah career awareness
Lunglei Police, I&PR department leh Higher & Technical Institute Mizoram (HATIM) tangho buatsaihin Thawhtanni khan HATIM Campus Pukpuiah zirlaite tan career awareness program neih a ni.
Lunglei SP Rahul Alwal chuan “Career in the Civil Services” tih thupui hmangin zirtirna a pe a; IPS probationer Rishi Singh chuan UPSC exam hmachhawn tura inpuahchah dan hrang hrang a zirtir. DIPRO Lunglei C Lalremruati chuan Financial Awareness & Planning chungchang a zirtir bawk. UPSC exam-a preliminary leh main exam-a inpuahchah dan tur, lehkhabu pawimawh, subject pawimawh, coaching kalna tha, optional subject thlan dante zir ho a ni.
SP Rahul Alwal, IPS chuan UPSC exam-a hlawhtling turin inpuahchahna hun a duh rei thu leh amah pawhin vawi engemawzat a beih thu sawiin, zirlaite chu a vawikhatnaah an hlawhtling lo a nih pawhin beidawng mai loa tumruh taka bei chhunzawm turin a chah.
Career awareness program hi Lunglei district-a zirna in hrang hrangah neih zel tum a ni.

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