Zirlaite hriselna endik

Directorate of Ayush Health & Family Welfare Department hmalaknain Thawhlehni khan Adventist English School Kolasib-ah Ayurvidya (School Health and Education Programme) buatsaih a ni.
District Hospital Kolasib atangin senior medical officer (Ayush) Dr C Vanlalhlimpuia hoin medical officer leh Health and Wellness Centre thawktuten an hmanpui a. SMO (Ayush) chuan Ayush System of Medicine chungchang leh hriselna leh thianghlimna inkungkaih dan a sawi a. Physical & stress management instructor R Lalhmangaihzuala’n zirlaite chu basic yoga exercise zirtirin, hrisel nana taksa sawizawi pawimawh zia a zirtir a ni.
A thlawna inentirna buatsaih nghal niin, zirlai leh zirtirtu 73 hriselna dinhmun endik a ni a. A thlawnin damdawi engemawzat sem a ni bawk.

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