Zirlaiten Property Rights zir

Zirlaiten Property Rights zir
IQAC & IPR Cell, Govt. Zirtiri Residential Science College chuan MISTIC, Department of Science & Technology bultumin “Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)” zirhona an buatsaih.
Seminar hi hmun hnihah thenin, Patent Information Centre, MISTIC atang project associate-I GC Lalremruata leh project scientist-I C Laltlanzuala ten an hmanpui a. 4th semester zirlai leh an zirtirtute telin, Mizorama copyright, trademark leh patent neih a pawimawh zia leh humhimna lama tan lak a ngaih zia an sawi ho.
Seminar-ah hian mimalin emaw sumdawng pawl emaw sawrkarin patent (thil siamchhuah dan hmanga humhalhna), copyright (dan hmanga thil ziah neitu nihna) leh trademark (thil siamchhuah chhinchiahna) an neih theih dan, tangkaina leh humhalh dan an sawi a ni.
Zirlaite chu zirna sang zawk an kal lehzelna turah thesis emaw paper an publish hun a dan an bawhchhiat palh lohna tur a inven dan kawng an hrilh a. GC Lalremruata chuan seminar kalte hnenah chuan an kutchhuakte an humhim theihna turin India danpui bakah United Nations hnuaia World Intellectual Property Organization leh World Trade Organisation ten dan famkim tak an siam hmanga puihna an dawn theih dan turte hrilhfiah a ni.
Indian Patent Act 1970 chu kum tam tak awm tawh mah se, kum 2016 khan National Intellectual Property Right Policy chu mumal takin India-in a nei chauh, tih te hrilh an ni a. India rama Intellectual Property Right inchuh avanga inkhinna case lar tak tak awm tawhte sawi a ni bawk.

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