2023 Grammy perform tur an puang

023 Grammy semnaa perform tur an puang ta a, Brandi Carlile, Sam Smith leh Kim Petras, Lizzo, Bad Bunny, Mary J. Blige, Luke Combs leh Steve Lacy te pawh an tel. Grammy hi Fenbruary ni 5 hian Crypto.com Arena, Los Angeles-ah an sem dawn a ni.

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Perform tur zinga thenkhat hi nominee an ni tel a, Carlile hian nomination pasarih neiin, Blige pawhin paruk a nei, Lizzo-i’n panga neiin, Lacy pawhin nomination pali a, Combs leh Bad Bunny ten pathum ve ve neiin, Smith leh Petras te pawh an hla hit ‘Unholy’ avangin Best Pop Duo/ Group Performance-ah nominate an ni bawk.

Kumin Grammy nomination-a langsar ber chu Beyonce niin, nomination pakua a nei a, heti hian Grammy nomination a neih tawh zawng zawng belhkhawm chu 88 a tling ta a, a pasal Jay-Z nih rualin, an nupa hian Grammy history-a nomination-a lang hnem tawh ber an ni ve ve. Kumin hian Kendrick Lamar pawhin nomination pariat neiin, Adele-i’n pasarih a nei a, Harry Styles, Future leh DJ Khaled leh paruk theuh an nei ve bawk.

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