Anthony Joshua an chak

Pathianni zing khan Boxing-a palian huangah inhnek ngaihven hlawh a awm a. O2 Arena-a inhnek hmuhnawm takah champion hlui Anthony Joshua chuan a khingpui Jermaine Franklin chu unanimous disicion in an hneh.
Palian huanga champion hlui Anthony Joshua hian Oleksandr Usyk a hneh loh zawn hnuin inhnek a hmachhawn zui lawk lo. Franklin hi a hneh lo a nih chuan inhnek chawlhsan thut thei a nih thu a sawi lawk hial a. Joshua inhnek hnuhnung ber a nih theih vangin he inhnek hian ngaihven a hlawh lehzual phah.
Boxer lar Joshua lakah American boxer Franklin hi a tang thei viau a, inhnek hmuhnawm an lantir. Inhnehtawk thawkhat viau mah se champion hlui Joshua hian chak phuin inhnek a thunun tluan thung. Round 12-na thlenga chak zawk a chian theih loh hnuin endiktu pathumten Joshua hi point an pe sang zawk vek. Endiktu pahnihin point 117-111 in Joshua hi an chaktir ve ve a. Endiktu pakhat chuan point 118-111 in a chaktir ve thung a, Joshua chuan hnehna pawimawh tak a chang zui ta a ni.
Jermaine Franklin lakah a chak vangin Joshua hian boxing zin kawng thui zawk a zawh thei dawn a. WBC kawnghren kawl mektu Tyson Fury ngei hmachhawn a duh thu a sawi zui nghal. “Boxing ngainatute hian eng nge an duh a, tute inhnek nge an en chak ka hria’, tiin Fury a cho.

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