Box office-ah ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’-in record a siam

Box office-ah ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’-in record a siam
Illumination leh Universal ten Nintendo video game behchhan ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ an siam chuan tun weekend kalta khan khawvel huapin dollar maktaduai 377 a lalut a, animated film tlangzarh tawh zawng zawngah opening weekend-a sum lalut hnem ber a la ni. Easter avangin weekend chawlh a rei deuh a, chuti chungin he film hian US-ah pawh nithum chhungin dollar maktaduai 146.4 a lalut hman a, ni nga chhunga a lakluh chu dollar maktaduai 204.6 a tling a, US pawn, ram hrang hrang 70-ah dollar maktaduai 173 a lalut thei bawk.
‘Super Mario Bros’ hian record dang pawh a siam nual a, video game behchhana film siam tawh zinga opening weekend-a sum lalut hnem ber a nih bakah kumina film tlangzarh tawh zingah opening weekend0a sum lalut hnem ber a la ni bawk.
North America bikah chuan Super Mario Bros. hi animated film-ah chuan nithum chhunga sum lalut tam pahnihna a ni a, ‘Incredibles 2’ a pha lo a, khawvel huapah chuan opening weekend-a dollar maktaduai 358 lalut thei ‘Frozen II’ lehpelin record a siam ta a ni.
John Wick: Chapter 4-in dollar maktaduai 14.6 lalut lehin No.2 a ni a, Keanue Reeves channa, he action movie hian US-ah dollar maktaduai 147.1 lalut tawhin, khawvel huapin dollar maktaduai 304.6 a lalut tawh bawk.
Kar kalta No.1 ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’-in dollar maktaduai 14.5 lalut lehin No.3-ah a tawlh a, US pawnah dollar maktaduai 15.5 lalut leh bawkin, tihian kar hnih chhungin dollar maktaduai 124/1 a lalut tling ve ta bawk.
Ben Affleck ‘Air’-in tun weekend kalta khan dollar maktaduai 14.4 lalutin No.4 a ni a, Easter weekend a nih avangin chawlh a rei a, ni nga chhungin dollar maktaduai 20.2 a lalut hman. He biographical drama hi Michael Jordan leh Nike thawh ho dan vel tarlanna niin, Matt Damon leh Viola Davis te pawh an inlan. He film hi dollar maktaduai 90 vel senga siam a ni a, US pawnah dollar maktaduai 10.5 lalut bawkin, a vaiin dollar maktaduai 30.7 a lalut nghal a ni.
‘Scream VI’ pawhin dollar maktaduai 3.3 lalut lehin No.5 a la ni a, he film hian US-ah dollar maktaduai 103.8 a lalut tling tawh a, US pawna a lakluh nen chuan dollar maktaduai 161.6 a tlin ve ta bawk.

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