‘Tiger vs Pathaan’ SRK leh Salman

‘Tiger vs Pathaan’
SRK leh Salman
Shah Rukh Khan leh Salman Khan te chan dunna tur ‘Tiger vs Pathaan’ chu cheng veibelchhe 300 budget nei a ni a, Bollywood film-ah chuan sum sen hnemna ber tur a la ni. A budget-ah hian SRK leh Salman Khan te hlawh tur chhut tel a la ni lo lehnghal!
He film hi Siddharth Ananda direct tur a ni a, a film hi 2025-a tlangzarh tur a ni. Hetihrual hian SRK leh Salman te hi ‘Tiger 3’-ah pawh an inlan dun dawn bawk a ni.
Bollywood superstar pahnih chan dunna tur a ni bawk a, ngaihven a hlawh nghal hle a, SRK leh Salman te hian a film hlawkna atanga chanpual neih an tum niin report a awm bawk. He film hian cheng vaibelchhe 1,000 te chu lalut thei ngei tura ngaih a ni a, a chhan chu SRK channa ‘Pathaan’ pawhin cheng vaibelchhe 1,000 a lalut thei tlat. ‘Pathaan’ hian cinema hall ticket hralhna bakah television leh digital rights atangin cheng vbc 1,000 hi a lalut thei a ni.

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