CADC inthlanah vote zaa 60+ tla

CADC inthlanah vote zaa 60+ tla
11th Chakma Autonomous District Council inthlanpui neihah Thawhlehni khan vote thlak a ni a, hriat theih chinah vote hi zaa 69 vel a tla a. Boruak duhawm lo thleng hriat tur a awm lo.
CADC ah hian bial 20 a awm a, Rengkashya bialah erawh BJP candidate tualthihna avangin inthlan hun hi State Election Commission chuan May 17-a neih turah a sawn a, a bak bial 19 ah inthlan hi kalpui a ni.
He inthlanah hian political party pathum – MNF, INC leh BJP chuan seat awm zawng zawng an chuh vek a, ZPM chuan seat 13 a chuh. Bial 20 awm zinga bial 13 chu kil li atanga inchuhna a ni a, bial 7 dang chu kil thum atanga inchuhna a ni.

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