Carbon credit kalpui dan kan dap – EF&CC minister

Carbon credit kalpui dan kan dap
– EF&CC minister
Mizoramin ramngaw a neihte sum lakluhna, carbon credit-a kalpui dan a dap mek tih Environment, Forest & Climate Change minister TJ Lalnuntluanga chuan a sawi.
Thenzawl Forest Division hnuaia ramngaw humhalh a tlawhnaah EF&CC minister chuan, khawvelin boruak thianghlim a neih zel theihna’n ‘carbon credit’ a kalpui thin a. Ramngaw neitha ten sum tam tak hailuh theihna remchang an neih thin chu Mizoram pawhin kalpui dan tur a dap mek a, an hlawhtlin ngei a beisei, tiin a sawi.
“Hmasawnna hnathawhte hian kan ramngaw a tihchhiat thin avang leh hmasawnna hi kan mamawh em em thil, lo hnawl ngawt chi loh a nih bawk si avangin, kan tihchhiat hu ramngaw dang siam thar (compensatory afforestation) hna thiam taka kan kalpui a ngai a. Chumi atan chuan mipui kan tanrual thiam a tul hle,” a ti.
Hmasawnna hnathawktute pawhin ramngaw humhalhna dan an neihte tha taka an zawm a tul tih minister hian sawiin, “Kan zawm loh avanga dan anga hma kan lakin, Forest department lam han dem leh mai a awl thin a. Hmasawnna hnathawktu company-ten ramngaw humhalhna dan zawm tha se kan duh,” a ti.
Mizoramah ramngaw leh tuihna humhalh lama hmalakna lian tak, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) project hmangin kalpui an tum tih TJ Lalnuntluanga hian a sawi a. He project hmang hian tuihna humhalh leh tihpun, Botanical Garden siam leh hetiang lam chi hmalakna hrang hrang kalpui tum a ni tih a sawi. A project ruahman pawh cheng vaibelchhe 525 a ni dawn tih sawiin, Japan lam leh India sawrkarin an pawmpui tawh bakah Mizoram sawrkar pawhin min pawmpui tawh a, nakum March-ah thuthlung fel tak an neih hman beisei a ni tih a sawi a ni.

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