Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal lung inah khung

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal chu April 1 khan April 15 thlenga lung in a khung rih turin a ti.
Delhi court-a Special Judge Kaveri Baweja hmaah Enforcement Directorate (ED) tena Excise policy nena inkaihhnawih money laundering case a thuzawhfiah atana an kawl hun a tawp hnuah hruai a ni a.
ED ten ni 15 chung Kejriwal thuzawhfiah atan an kawl chhungin ‘min thawhpui tha duh lo’ an ti a.
Court a luh hma in Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader chuan, “Prime Minister in (amah man chung chang) hmalakna a kalpui mek hi ram tan a tha lo” tiin a sawi.
Court a chungthu ngaihtuah laiin AAP Minister Atishi, Surabh Bhardwaj leh Kejriwal nupui Sunita Kejriwal te pawh an awm a.
ED te chuan March 21 khan Kejriwal chu manin a tukah Special Judge Baweja chuan March 28 thlenga ED te kuta awm turin thupek a pe a. A hnuah ED te ngenna angin court chuan ni li kawl belh phalsak an dilna chu a remti leh a ni.
Enforcement Directorate te chuan Kejriwal chu an zawhna te chhang tha duh lovah puhin an password te pawh hrilh duh lovah an puh bawk.

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