Entertainer hlawh tam zual zingah Taylor Swift leh Bad Bunny an tel

Forbes chuan khawvel huapa entertainer hlawh tam zual list an tichhuak a, heng hlawh tam zual top 10 te kum khat hlawh belh khawm chu dollar tluklehdingawn 1.3 a tling a, hlawh tam zual 10 zingah Taylor Swift leh Bad Bunny an lang.

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Forbes list-ah hian hlawh tam ber chu Genesis niin, anni hian 2022 chhungin dollar maktaduai 230 an lalut angin an chhut a, Sting chu No.2 niin, dollar maktaduai 210 lalut angin an chhut bawk. Genesis hian an music rights te chu Concord Music Group hnenah nikum September khan dollar maktaduai 300-in an hralhin a, Sting pawhin a musical catalog pumpui chu dollar maktaduai 300 vel bawkin Universal Music Group hnenah a hralh a, chuta tanga fee neuh neuh an cut hnuah dollar maktaduai 230m leh maktaduaio 210 hlawh angin an chhut ta a ni.

Taylor Swift pawh dollar maktaduai 92 lalut angin an chhut a, No.9 a ni a. Forbes-in an chhut dan cuan Swift sum hmuhna lian ber chu a hla leh album hralhna, streaming leh digital download bakah licensing leh sync te a ni a.
Bad Bunny pawh dollar makradtuai 88 lalut angin an chhut a., No.10 a ni. He Puertio Rican rapper sum lakluhna lian zual chu a Ultimo Tour Del Mundo leh The World’s Hottest Tour bakah Corona, Cheetos lesh Adidas fakna te chu a sum hmuhna lian zual an ni.

Nikum December khan Swift i Forbes-in World’s 100 Most Powerful Women list an tihchhuahah telin, No.79 a ni a, a album thar Midnights leg a re-recorded album ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ leh ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version) te a hralh tha le a, hei bakah hian nikum November-a a tour neih tur ‘Eras Tour’ ticket hralh inchuh nasat lutuk avangin politics lamah pawh a hming a langsar hle a ni.

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