February GST lakkhawm 12.4% in pung

India Goods and Services Tax (GST) revenue chu February 2023 khan 12.4% a pungin Rs 1.49 lakh crore lai a tlingkhawm thei a, ram dang atanga bungrua chawkluh atanga sum lakluh chu 6% a pungin ram chhunga transaction leh services te pawh kum khat kalta nena khaikhinin 15% in a pung bawk.
Tihian February thlaa Rs 1,49,577 crore lakluh hian a zawn zatin thla 12 chhung thla tina lakluhin Rs 1.4 lakh crore a pelhna a ni tawh tihna a ni bawk a, mahse, January thlaa lak luh Rs 1,57,554 crore ai chuan 5.06% in a tlem thung a. Mahse, a kum ang hisapa teh chuan January kha February thla aiin 11.75% in a hniam zawk thung.
February thla khan Central GST (CGST) chu Rs 27,662 crore niin State GST (SGST) chu Rs 34,915 crore a tling thung a. Integrated GST (IGST) pawhin Rs 75,069 crore (Rs 35,689 crore ram danga atanga chawkluh a tel) a tling a, GST Compensation Cess collections pawhin a san ber tawngin Rs 11,931 crore a tling bawk a, hetah hian Rs 792 crore chu ram dang atanga bungrua lakluh atangin a ni.
“February thla khan GST kalpui hnua cess atanga sum lakluh tam ber Rs 11,931 crore a hawlh a. Dan pangngai ang chuan February thla hi ni 28 chauh a nih avangin thla dang aiin revenue a tlem zawk thin,” tiin Finance Ministry thuchhuah chuan a tarlang.
State 15 te chuan domestic revenue 15% aia sang growth an hmu a, state 14 te chu hma lam pan an awm a. Meghalaya chauh chu State zinga revenue tlahniam niin February 2022 aiin 6% in an revenue a hniam zawk a ni.
State lian zingah Andra Pradesh revenue chu 39% in a pung a, State of Jammu and Kashmir (33%), Bihar (24%), Haryana (23%), Tamil Nadu (19%) leh Karnataka (18%) ten an zui a ni.
Heng State Gujarat, Chhattisgarh leh Telangana revenue pawh 8% in a pung vek bawk a. Odisha chu 10% a pungin Assam pawh a ni tho va, West Bengal, Punjab leh Kerala te chuan 12% in hma an sawn bawk.

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