Insuihkhawmna tura ZORO hmalakna thlawp

Insuihkhawmna tura ZORO hmalakna thlawp
Zofate insuihkhawmna tura Zo Re-Unification Organisation (ZORO) hmalakna an thlawp zel dawn tih PC Thalai chuan an sawi.
PC Thalai Hqrs. thuchhuak chuan, ZORO founder Brig. T Sailo in Zohnahthlak thendarha awmte rorelna pakhat hnuaia kan kùn za theihna’na hmalakna thui tak a lo neih tawh tihhlawhtlin a nih ngei theihna’na a thim a var pawh thlu loa vawiin thlenga ZORO Gen. Hqrs hmalakna chu chhuanawm a tiin a thlawp zel dawn tih a sawi.
‘Myanmar, Bangladesh leh Manipur-a Zohnahthlak thendarha awmte, unau anga kan inen tlan theihna tura hmun tina Zofate min kaiharhtu, ZORO thuthlung hi kan vawngnung zel dawn a ni,’ a ti.
Tun tuma Manipur-a buaina thleng pawhin Zofate inpumkhata kan insuihkhawm a tulzia te, ZORO thuthlung-a Zofate kan chen zà a pawimawh zia te a tichiang hle ah an ngai tih a sawi bawk.

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