Kejriwal an amah sawiselna poster tartu te man duh lo

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal chuan amah sawiselna poster tartute chu man tur an ni lo a ti a.
“Delhi ah min duhlohna leh sawiselna poster tar a ni a, chungah chuan sawisel ka nei lo. Democracy ah chuan mipui te chuan an hruaitute thlawp emaw sawisel theihna an nei vek a. Min sawiselna poster tartute man anni tur a ni lo’ tiin Delhi CM chuan a sawi a.
Kwjriwal chuan, “Social media ah eng nge poster ah an ziah tih ka hmu a, ‘Kejriwal Hatao, Delhi Bachao’ tihte an ziak a, ka haw lo. Eng vangin nge an printer te chhuhsaka mansak an niha anmahni man an nih ka hrethiam lo. Chu chu thil tha ani lo” tiin Delhi Chief Minister chuan a sawi bawk.
Nilaini khan Delhi Police te chuan PM Modi sawiselna lam poster tartu mi thahnem tak an man abwk a. Chung poster tarah chuan PM Modi bang tura tih niin ‘Modi Hatao Desh Bahao’ tih te ziahlan a ni a, khawpui chung hmun hrang hrangah tar a ni.
Delhi CM chua PM Narendra Modi chu sawiselin, “Eng vangin nge Prime Minister hian amah sawiselna poster te chu a hlauh em em. Modiji hian poster print tute leh poster tartutea beilet a. Ram ropui tak Prime Minster in poster print tu leh poster tartute a bei mai hi a inhmeh lo” tiin Kwjriwal chuan a sawi bawk.
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal chuan press briefing a neihnaah, “Eng vangin nge Prime Minister Narendra Modi hian a hlauh em em? Enga ti nge a lungmuan loh em em? Poster pangngai mai a ni a, democracy ah chuan tute pawhin an tar thei a lawm” tiin a sawi bawk a. Heng poster tar avang hian FIR 100 chuang lutin mi paruk man an ni tawh a ni.

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