Lawngtlai District Plan ruahman

Lawngtlai district-a sawrkar department hrang hrangte chu bawrhsap David Lalthantluanga hoin an thukhawm a. Article 275(1) kaltlanga district hmasawnna hna thawh tur ruahmanna, District Plan 2023- 2024 siam tur an sawi ho.
Bawrhsap chuan department hrang hrangin scheme awmsa atanga kan thawh theih baka district leh mipui hmasawnna tur hna thawhna’n hman a nih theih nan Article 275(1) hnuaia District Plan ruahmanna chu siam thiam a tul tih a sawi a. Department-te chu District Plan atan ruahmanna tha leh fel tak, a taka hlawhtlinpui ngei tur siam turin a chah.
Lawngtlai DRDO project director Marilyn Rualzakhumthangi chuan kum hmasa lama Article 275(1) hnuaia an district-in sum a dawn tawh dan report pe in, District Plan 2023- 2024 chungchanga hriat tur pawimawh a sawifiah a. District Plan siam tura thil pawimawh hrang hrang sawi zui a ni.
India ram Danpui Article 275(1) behchhana ram chhunga tribal mipui tana hmasawnna tur hna thawhna (tribal development programme) sawrkar laipui Ministry of Tribal Affairs hnuaia ruahmanah 2021- 2022 sawrkar kum chhung khan Lawngtlai district chuan cheng nuai 217 a dawng a. Kum 2022- 2023 atan cheng nuai 338 ruahmanna thehluh a ni bawk. Lawngtlai district atanga District Plan atan hmasawnna kawng hrang hrang – education, health, water supply, agriculture & allied, commerce & industries, administrative structure, skill development, infrastructure development leh sports lam atante ruahmanna siam thin niin, engemawzat chu sawrkar laipui atanga pawmpuina hmuh leh hna thawh tawh a ni. Project pawm tawh sa, a tahtawla sum dawn beiseina engemawzat a awm bawk.

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