Lehkhabu chhiar tam ang u – Dr Vanlalthlana, MLA

Lehkhabu chhiar tam ang u
– Dr Vanlalthlana, MLA
Kan suangtuahna a taka chantir thei turin lehkhabu chhiar tam a ngai tih MLA Dr Vanlalthlana chuan a sawi.
Govt. Aizawl North College-in Nilainia Library Week an hawn a hmanpuinaah Aizawl North II bialtu MLA Dr Vanlalthlana chuan college zirlaiten library hmang tangkai tur leh zirtirtute pawhin kan library chu hman tangkai theih tura kan buatsaih a pawimawh tih a sawi a. Library Week hmangtu zirtirtute leh zirlaite chu lehkhabu chhiar tam kawngah hma sawn tum turin a chah.
“Lehkhabu hian power a nei a, chu power chu hmang tangkai thei tura kan chhiar tam a ngai. Kan suangtuahna a taka chantir thei khawpa lehkhabu chhiar tam tura tan kan lak a pawimawh,” a ti.
Library Week thupui atan ‘Library Service in Knowledge Society’ tih an hmang a; Week hman chhung hian thupui hrang hrang thlan hmangin mithiamten college zirlaite hnenah thuchah an sawi dawn a ni.
Govt. Aizawl North College tan Dr Vanlalthlana hian a MLA fund atangin library-a lehkhabu dah tur engemawzat a lo leisak tawh a, college library tan insen a inhuam thu leh tihhmasawn zel a tum thu a sawi a ni.

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