MADC-a VC inthlanah BJP-in la tam ber

MADC-a VC inthlanah
BJP-in la tam ber
Mara Autonomous District Council (MADC) hnuaia village council (VC) inthlanah BJP chu party mala seat la tam ber leh sawrkarna siam tam ber a ni a. MNF party chu pahnih a ni.
April 18-a vote thlakna MADC hnuaia VC inthlanah hian voter 43120awmah vote tla 33432 a ni a, a percentage chu 77.53. Vote hi chhiar nghal a ni.
April 19 khan result hi a hriat kim a. A vaia VC 99 awmah BJP hian sawrkarna siam theihna VC 41 an nei a, MNF-in VC 25, INC-in VC 8, ZPM-in VC 2 leh independent-in sawrkarna an siamna VC 1 a awm. Party mala sawrkar siam thei an awm lohna VC 22 a awm a ni.
Seat awm zawng zawng 492 a ni a, BJP hian seat 232 la in, MNF-in 155, INC 78, ZPM 13 leh independent 9 a ni.

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Party Gen Res TT
BJP 185 47 232
INC 63 15 78
MNF 127 33 160
ZPM 11 2 13
IND 7 2 9
Total 393 99 492
* Gen – General seat
* Res – reserved for women

Party VCs won
BJP 41
MNF 25
No majority 22
Total 99

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