MISTIC hmalakna thlirlet

Mizoram Science, Technology & Innovation Council (MISTIC) Governing Body chu an chairman, chief minister Zoramthanga hoin September 15 khan an thukhawm a. Hmalakna thlirletin hmachhawp an thlir ho.
Principal scientific officer Samuel Lalmalsawma chuan MISTIC hnathawh – research & development lam, capacity building lam, innovation leh technology deployment lam bakah science chawilarnaa an thiltih leh Covid-19 hrilen laia mipui mamawh hmalakna an kalpui dan a report a. Hmachhawp leh MISTIC thuamchakna tur rel zui a ni.
MISTIC hian mipui mamawh tur science leh technology hmang zirchian ngai leh hnathawh ngai hmalakna tam tak a kalpui a. Kuhva tih rona, solar cold storage, hydroponic fodder cultivation (tuia ranchaw chinna), disinfectant- hypochlorite, chi (salt) atanga siamna, mushroom chinna leh a chi siamna, apple (low chilling variety) chin, local aromatic plant chin pun, Digital Planetarium leh Science Centre thar sak leh hmalakna dang tam tak an kalpui a. Intellectual Property Right hnuaiah patent 2, trademark 16, copyright 8 leh geographical indication 5 an tihfel sak tawh.

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