Putin-an North Korea leh Vietnam tlawh dawn

Russian President Vladimir Putin chuan North Korea leh Vietnam a tlawh dawn niin Veomosti newspaper chuan a tarlang.
North Korea-a Russian ambassador Alexander Matsegora chuan Vedomosti hnenah President Putin chuan Pyongyang a tlawh dawna ruahmnna kalpui mek a ni tiin a hrilh a.
Newspaper chuan Putin chuan North Korea a tlawh hnu lawkah Vietnam pawh a tlawh dawn tiin a tarlang bawk.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un chuan nikum September thla khan Putin hmu in Russia a lo tlawh tawh a. Russia khawchhak lama Vostochny space launch centre a fang nghe nghe a. Putin chuan North Korea in satellite a neih theih nana puih a intiam bawk.
Kremlin chuan kawng hrang hrangin Russia chuan North Korea nena thawhdun a duh tiin a sawi a. Mahse, Putin an North Korea a tlawh hun tur ni a sawi lang lo.
Russia chuan tun hnaiah North Korea leh ram dang United States hmelma te Iran te thlengin Ukraine indona chhuah hnuah thianthaah a chhuah vek tawh a ni.
United States leh Ukraine te chuan January thla khan Russia chu North Korea pek short-range ballistic missile hmanga Ukraine beiah an puh a. Tun thlengin Russia chuan chu puhna chu hnawl emaw chhanletna a la pe lo.
Vedomosti chuan Putin leh Kim te chuan North Korea atanga hnathawk tur Russia a chawkluh chungchang an sawi dawn a ti bawk a. Ukraine indona vangin Russia chuan labour lamah nasa taka tlakchhamna a tawk mek a ni.
Putin hian kum 2000 khan a president nih kum khatnaah North Korea a lo tlawh tawh bawk.

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