Ramhmul damdawi buaipui dan rel

Mizoram State Medicinal Plants Board executive body chu an chairman, Health minister Dr R Lalthangliana hoin Thawhtanni khan Aizawlah an thukhawm a. Board vice chairman, Health principal secretary Esther Lalruatkimi, member secretary Dr C Lalzepuii bakah department hrang hrang atanga member-ten he Board hnuaia ramhmul damdawi lama hmalakna an sawi ho.

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State Medicinal Plants Board Mizoram hi sawrkar laipui Ministry of AYUSH National Medicinal Plants Board hnuaia din a ni a, chief executive officer chu Dr Lalkhawngaihi Renthlei niin, Directorate of AYUSH hnuaiah a awm a ni.
Mizorama ramhmul damdawi humhalh, tihpun, hmasawnna leh a kaihhnawih thil hrang hrang buaipui lam hna thawk an ni a. Chutiang hmasawnna zingah chuan Herbal Garden School thlanchhuah 52 din, KVK Serchhip District leh Mamit District nen tanghoa ramhmul damdawi chi tha zawk neih theihna tur nursery din leh, ramhmul damdawi rampum huap campaign ‘Nation-Wide campaign on Withania somnifera A health promoter in the state of Mizoram’ neihte chu an hmachhawp langsar zual a ni.

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