SA General-in biak in hawng

The Salvation Army General Brian Peddle chuan Ningani khan Aizawlah biak in pahnih a hawng.

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Chawhma dar 10.00 ah Vaivakawn Corps biak in a hawng a. Vaivakawn Corps hi sipai member 346 an ni. An Corps hi 1982 December 5 ah ding tanin, 2011 July 2 atangin biak in an sa tan a, a sak nan hian Rs. 3,55,45549.00 an seng a ni.

Chawhnu dar 1.30 ah General hian Hunthar Corps biak in a hawng leh a. Hunthar Corps hi 1998 March 8 a ding a ni a. Tunah hian sipai member 380 an awm. Biak in sak nan hian Rs.1,54,85,811.00 an seng a ni.
Biak in pahnih hawnnaah hian General Brian Peddle chuan Pathian thuchah sawiin zahngaihna dawhkan a hawng bawk.

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